Farmers from the district are being urged to attend a meeting at Skipton Auction Mart to comment on new government proposals.

The National Farmers Union (NFU) and other industry stakeholders are being asked for feedback on a government consultation paper detailing possible options for agricultural support and regulation once the UK leaves the EU.

In broad terms, the government is looking to phase out direct support and replace it with more schemes that reward farmers for environmental enhancements.

It is also wanting to assist with making farmers more efficient in order that they can become more profitable and therefore less dependent upon outside support.

The paper also looks at ways in which the current plethora of regulation can be reduced, whilst at the same time increasing further still the high welfare and environmental standards that UK agriculture is renowned for.

The NFU says the changes will be of huge significance to parts of the industry, especially the upland livestock farms in the Yorkshire Dales where diversification options are limited.

It says farms depend heavily on the sheep sector which will be influenced by any move away from tariff free trade within Europe.

Similar to the Brexit transition it is being proposed that the move to a new Domestic Agricultural Policy is also phased in, although over a relatively short period of time.

The NFU is urging farmers to attend any meetings that are being held to gather views on the proposals, in order that they are able to comprehensively represent their membership when responding to the government.

The consultation paper is available on the DEFRA website and all farmers are being advised to read it in detail.

Any NFU members wanting to attend the meeting - which starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday (April 24) - should telephone the NFU office at Skipton Auction Mart on 01756 793516 to register their interest.