A RAPIST who was jailed for a knifepoint attack on a Bradford prostitute had his time in jail increased after being accused by appeal judges of wasting their time.

Jason Lee Oates, 34, pulled the blade after taking the woman to waste ground off City Road in 2011 and ordering her to have sex for free.

He was picked out by the woman in an identification procedure and convicted by a jury of rape at Leeds Crown Court in June 2014.

He was later jailed for 11 years, with an extra four years to serve on extended licence.

At his sentencing hearing in 2014, Judge Rodney Jameson QC told Oates, who also had a previous rape conviction, that he had been assessed as posing a high risk of causing serious physical or psychological harm to women in general.

He said he would serve not less than two-thirds of the 11-year custodial term before the Parole Board could consider whether it was safe to release him.

Judge Jameson added: "Unless you work to reduce the danger you clearly pose to women, there is every risk the Parole Board will take the view you will need to serve more of the time, and it's possible you could serve the 15 years."

Oates had applied to the Court of Appeal in London to have his conviction overturned.

But judges instead added an extra month to his jail term after slamming the application as "completely hopeless".

Refusing his application, Mr Justice Garnham said his case wasted the "precious time and resources" of the court.

"The present case was an unmeritorious application," he said in a hearing on Thursday morning.

The court heard Oates, of Acton Street, Bradford, approached the sex worker in City Road in the early hours of September 26, 2011.

They agreed a price and went to waste ground, where he removed his trousers and raped her while holding a large-bladed hunting knife to her throat.

In his appeal application, he made a series of complaints about his trial.

He criticised his lawyers and claimed that he was an "easy target" for police as he has learning difficulties.

And he claimed he saw one of the jurors from his trial talking to a police officer outside the crown court.

Rejecting his bid to appeal, Mr Justice Garnham - sitting on Thursday with Lord Justice Simon and Mr Justice Turner - said Oates had "no arguable grounds".

Adding a month to the time he will serve, the judge said it was the only way to punish prisoners who take completely hopeless cases to the Court of Appeal.