THE list of candidates for next month’s Bradford Council elections - which will see a third of the seats on the Council up for grabs, has been released.

The leading Labour group currently has a narrow majority of two on the council - 48 seats of a required 46 needed for a majority.

The Conservatives currently have 21 seats on the Council, the Lib Dems nine and Green Party three.

The remaining seats are split between various independent groups.

On Thursday May 3 people will be voting on one candidates to represent each of the 30 wards across the district.

Overall there are 90 council seats in the district.

Despite being the ruling party in Parliament, and the second biggest party in Bradford, the Conservatives are not fielding candidates in every ward. City, which takes in most of Bradford city centre, will be left as a battle between Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and the Green Party.

The Green Party says it has launched its “strongest ever” local election campaign, fielding a candidate in every ward in the district for the first time. They currently hold the three seats in Shipley.

As well as the major political parties that already have seats on the Council, candidates have been fielded from UKIP, the Women’s Equality Party, The Yorkshire Party, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, the Libertarian Party, Democrats and Veterans Party and British Democrats, Stop Immigration Leave EU.

At the last local government election in 2016, Labour tightened its grip on Bradford Council, gaining three seats. The Conservatives lost two.

It will be the first local government election since Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe became leader of the Labour group, and the Council, shortly after the 2016 election.

Among the candidates in the running are Ian Greenwood, the former Labour Bradford Council leader who lost his seat in 2012.

One high profile councillor will not be standing for re-election. Councillor Val Slater, former deputy leader, current portfolio holder for health and wellbeing on the Council’s executive, and Royds councillor, announced last year that she would be standing down at this election.

Conservative Party Leader Councillor Simon Cooke has announced he will be standing down as party leader after the election, and from the council completely when his term as councillor comes to an end in 2019.

It means May’s election will also shape who takes his place as Conservative leader in Bradford.

Voters in Wyke will have the most choice, with candidates from seven parties in the running, including sitting councillor David Warburton (Lab).

People have until next Tuesday, April 17, to register to vote. Anyone yet to register can visit. or call 01274 431360.

The full list of candidates


Joe Ashton - Labour

Cat Crossley - Women's Equality Party

Andrew Stanford - Green Party

Val Townend, Conservative

David Wilkinson - Liberal Democrats


Mark Barton - The Yorkshire Party

Marcus Dearden - Labour

Rachael Drucquer - Green Party

David Heseltine - Conservative

Peter Russell - Lib Dems


Helen Baranowski - Lib Dems

Mike Ellis - Conservative

Derrick Hodgson - UKIP

Mohammed Miah - Labour

Brian Newham - Green Party


Ian Greenwood - Labour

Rizwan Sakhawat - Conservative

Jasmine Sharp - Green Party

Rachel Sunderland - Lib Dems


Rizwana Jamil - Labour

Basit Khalid - Green Party

Howard Middleton - Lib Dems

Kamran Sakhawat - Conservative

Ian Slattery - TUSC


Jafrul Gazi - Lib Dems

Wajid Iqbal - Independent

Rahila Parveen - Conservative

Mohammed Shafiq - Labour

Phil Worsnop - Green Party


Nazam Azam - Labour

Ines Riach - Lib Dems

Charlotte Woollard - Green Party


Harry Boota - Conservative

Steven Cotterill - Lib Dems

Sinead Engel - Labour

Susan May - Green Party


Val Carroll - Labour

Bob Jones - Lib Dems

Caroline Whitaker - Green Party

Rebecca Whitaker - Conservative


Lara Barras - The Yorkshire Party

Sarah Dick - Green Party

Ian Parsons - Labour

Terry Pearson - Independent

Abdul Qayyum - Conservative

Geoff Reid - Lib Dems


Joanne Dodds - Labour

Lesley Hall - Green Party

Hashim Kohan - Conservative

Dorothy Wallace - Lib Dems


Edward Hallmann - Lib Dems

Celia Hickson - Green Party

Nussrat Mohammed - Labour

Owais Rajput - Conservative


Jonathan Barras - The Yorkshire Party

Carl Dunk - Green Party

Chris Hayden - Labour

Julie Humphreys - Lib Dems

Adnan Sakhawat - Conservative


Ros Brown - Green Party

Thomas Franks - Lib Dems

Mike Gibbons - Conservative

Aidan Higgins - Labour


Stephen Butler - Conservative

Abid Hussain - Labour

Paul Mann - Lib Dems

Allan Swales - Green Party


Glen Cheney - Lib Dems

Caroline Firth - Labour

Trudie Jackson - Green Party

John Kirby - Conservative


Peter Clarke - Conservative

Peter Ferguson - Green Party

Paul Godwin - Labour

Brian Morris - Independent

Jan Orys - Lib Dems


Nurjahan Ali Arobi - Green Party

Angharad Griffiths - Lib Dems

Sakhawat Hussain - Conservative

Fareeda Mir - Labour


Bruce Barnes - Green Party

Muhammad Hijazi - Conservative

Shabir Hussain - Labour

Abid Iqbal - Lib Dems


Paul Cromie - Independent

Eithne Dodwell - Green Party

Robert Hargreaves - Conservative

Kathryn Illingworth - UKIP

Alex Mitchell - Labour

Tom Molloy - Lib Dems


Joshua Bastow - Libertarian Party

Shauna Devonshire - Lib Dems

David Servant - Conservative

Jason Smith - UKIP

Michael Stanlick - Green Party

Ruth Wood - Labour


Falak Ahmed - Conservative

Hawarun Hussain - Green Party

Vick Jenkins - Labour

Caroline Jones - Lib Dems


David Chapman - Conservative

Richard Dunbar - Labour

James Hunt - Lib Dems

Norma Russell - Green Party

Alec Suchi - UKIP


Amjad Ali - Lib Dems

Dean Dobiech - Green Party

Amir Hussain - Conservative

Kamran Hussain - Labour


Matt Edward - Green Party

Lincoln Stead - UKIP

Ian Vipond - Lib Dems

Alan Wainwright - Labour

Edward Ward - Conservative


Gerry Barker - Conservative

Jamie Needle - Lib Dems

Niccola Swan - Labour

Chris Turner - Green Party


Brian Boulton - Lib Dems

Jamie Illingworth - UKIP

Sabiya Khan - Labour

Richard Sheard - Conservative

Dave Stevens - Green Party


Vanda Greenwood - Labour

Helen Love - Green Party

Gillian Thorne - Lib Dems

Stephen Williams - Conservative


Mark Curtis - Labour

Chris Herd - Conservative

Kay Kirkham - Lib Dems

Janet Russell - Green Party


Stephen Crosby - Democrats and Veterans Party

Kevin Hall - Lib Dems

James Lewthwaite - British Democrats, Stop Immigration Leave EU

Darren Parkinson - Green Party

Francesca Stefanyszyn - Conservative

David Warburton - Labour

John Worsley - UKIP