A MUSLIM group held a successful event in Bradford city centre to counter the message of hate spread by vile mail sent out last month.

In March, letters titled “Punish A Muslim Day, April 3” were posted at random to Bradford addresses with the intent to incite racial hatred.

Today, the Bradford working group of MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development) held a Love A Muslim Day organised by chairman Hiba Mukhtar and regional manager Shahab Adris.

“Our intention was to change the negativity the letters were trying to incite by being positive and we wanted to bring the community together to show we care,” said Ms Mukhtar.


“We wanted to hold it on the day the hate letters had identified to show we would not take notice of the negative message.”

Mr Adris added: “We wanted to turn the aim of the horrible letters on its head and hold a day to love Muslims and appreciate the Muslims in Bradford and Yorkshire.”

The event included music, food, speeches and balloon releases.

Bradford West MP Naz Shah went along to speak to people who had gathered in front of City Hall.