A BRADFORD businessman has spoken of the world wide attention his company has received since he debuted his pint sized invention, and says he has plenty of more groundbreaking products in the pipeline.

Shazad Talib hit the headlines in the past year due to one of his latest creations, the Tiny T1 - the world’s smallest mobile phone.

However, he told the Telegraph & Argus that the phone was just one of a huge line on phones his company was producing.

Other products by Zanco, named after his daughter, Zayna, include phones targeted towards the elderly, with large, easy to see and use buttons, and phones he aims to make the cheapest on the market.

Mr Talib, 45, was born in Heaton, but now lives in China where he oversees his company’s work producing a number of different types of mobile phones, which are sold throughout the world.

He is currently visiting family and friends in Bradford, and told the Telegraph & Argus that he has developed over 200 in recent years. He also has some new designs he cannot make public yet.

News organisations across the globe have reported on the Tiny T1 - which weighs just 13 grams and has a 0.49 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 64 x 12 pixels. Measuring just 46.7mm by 21mm by 12mm, the phone is due to be released later this year.

Mr Talib said: “We’re supplying phones to everywhere, Africa, America, across Europe.

“We want to make phones that are as easy as possible for people to use. We also have phones that are the cheapest on the market. I’ve had many emails from elderly people telling me how useful they have found the phones.

“We’ve had thousands of articles written about the models. It is great we are getting that recognition across the world.

“I think I’ve definitely helped put Bradford on the map, I’m a really proud Bradfordian. I have a Union Jack in my offices and take it wherever I go.

“I’ve always been into designing from a young age.

“Back in the mid 80s I was fascinated by the big, briefcase mobile phones. I’ve just been fascinated with telecommunications.

“These ideas have always been in my head. For years no-one believed in me, so it is great that now I’ve made it.”

Last year Justice Secretary David Lidington proposed a ban on tiny phones, claiming it made it easier for prisoners smuggling phones into prisons. Mr Talib said he was willing to work with the government on the issue, and told the T&A that each phone was easily traceable to deter people using them for nefarious means.