Will this winter ever end?

Not any time soon, according to forecasters at the Met Office - who are now predicting yet more snow for Bradford at the weekend, with wintry weather possible through into APRIL.

There's a 60% chance of snow on Saturday, although any snowfall is expected to be light, and with windchill taken into account the temperature will feel like -5°C.

A repeat of last Thursday's chaos, when freak snowfall brought the district to a standstill before melting away in a matter of hours, is not on the cards.

But as we approach the halfway point of March there is still little sign of spring on the horizon.

A Met Office spokesperson said there was "significant uncertainty" about the long-range forecast for the first half of April, but said: "Further snow is possible, especially in the north and it will be windy at times."

They added: "Temperatures will likely be below average with further night frosts, and any milder interludes will probably be only brief."