SHIPLEY MP Philip Davies says government plans to bring in an income threshold on families currently receiving universal credit will not be taking free school meals away from the poor and instead more children will receive them.

Jo Pike, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Shipley says this is not the case and has called on Mr Davies to put Shipley’s poorest children before his Party by voting against the plans tomorrow.

“The Tories are trying to leave over a million children without access to free school meals, that’s potentially more than 10,000 in the Bradford district alone.

“I don’t know how our Tory MP will be able to show his face in our town if he votes to literally take hot dinners away from the children of his constituents."

Mr Davies said he was not going to vote against the plans adding: “I am afraid that the Labour Party is lying about the Government “taking away hot dinners from children”.

“In fact there will be more children receiving free school meals under the Government’s proposals, and nobody who is receiving a free school meal will have it removed.

“It is a shame that Labour’s candidate in Shipley is determined to run a campaign based on lies and smears about her opponents rather than putting forward a positive programme. She underestimates people in the Shipley constituency if she thinks they will fall for this ideas free Twitter style of campaigning”