A WOMAN in her 20s who threatened to jump from a bridge has been coaxed down to safety.

West Yorkshire Police were called to the bridge in Wagon Lane, Bingley, where it crosses over the A650 bypass, at 6.55pm today.

Firefighters from Bingley were called to the scene to offer backup if needed.

Duty Inspector Darren Brown of West Yorkshire Police said: "We got the call to attend a female, aged 24, who was threatening to jump from the bridge. She had been spotted by a passer by who said she was standing on the far side of the railings where it passes over the bypass. The passer by had tried to coax her away.

"We deployed a negotiator to speak to her but she was brought down before they got there. The incident took around an hour to be resolved and the woman is now safe and receiving care and is being assessed for mental health issues."