THESE photographs captured by Telegraph & Argus community correspondent Michael Frazer shows the dramatic rescue of a pet dog which got into trouble on the icy Leeds Liverpool Canal at Apperley Bridge.

Mr Frazer said he came across the heroic rescue on Tuesday and learned the man who dived into the icy water was West Yorkshire Police Community Support Officer Robert Powell and that the pet was in his and his companion's charge.

Mr Frazer said: "I was walking along the canal at Apperley Bridge and saw a couple who doubled back shouting for their dog

"I then saw them start running and when I reached them I saw that their dog was stuck in the ice near the far bank of the canal.

"The young man dived in and managed to free the dog and carried it to the near bank and handed it to his companion and she immediately wrapped it in a blanket.

"I and a passing jogger asked them both if they were okay. The lady was very upset but the man said modestly he was okay and they would make their way back to their car parked nearby. What a hero.

"I told the man he was very brave and his companion that she should be proud of him and never forget what he had just done.

They then ran back to their vehicle.

"The community message is keep your dog on a lead near the water when it's icy."

Since the rescue West Yorkshire Police have posted on social media that the hero was none other than one of their own.

They said: "The theme on our Facebook page this week is clearly Otley's cold weather heroes!

"If you were wondering who the anonymous hero in the pictures was, it's out very own, home grown PCSO Robert Powell - covering Leeds Outer West area. "We literally couldn't be more proud of Rob. Well done mate."