BRADFORD based supermarket Morrisons is marking National Pie Week by taking the price of a pie back 20 years.

The supermarket chain is reducing the cost of its steak pies, which are made at its production site in Bradford, from £1.10 to 50p, making it one of the UK’s cheapest.

The standard price of a pie was last at 50p in 1998, when Aerosmith released I Don't Want To Miss a Thing and Britney Spears rose to prominence with her debut single ....Baby One More Time.

Morrisons expects to sell 600,000 pies during National Pie Week, which started on Monday.

Morrisons Pie Maker Philippa Shaw said: "Brits love their pies so we’re taking the opportunity provided by National Pie Week to turn the clock back two decades and sell our customers’ favourite pies for 50p.”

Now and then, how 1998 compares to 2018:

Average cost of 1998 (£) 2018 (£)

A litre of fuel     0.71       1.21

A loaf of bread   0.71      1.07

A pint of milk     0.35      0.45

A pint of lager    1.86      3.63

UK house price  53,973   211,756

UK car price      12,500   20,500