ARRESTS were made and vehicles seized in a police crackdown yesterday morning.

It took place on Tuesday morning as part of Operation Steerside and was designed to give student officers from Bradford District experience in dealing with road traffic offences.

The operation saw a 30-year-old woman arrested for being over the prescribed limit for cannabis and possession of an offensive weapon after a can of pepper spray was found in her vehicle.

A 26-year-old man was also arrested after his vehicle failed to stop for officers in the Holme Wood area. He was wanted for several offences, including burglary and robbery.

The officers, who were supported by more senior colleagues from Western Area Roads Policing and partners, set up a vehicle check base on Halifax Road, which was visited by Judith Cummins MP and Councillor Joanne Dodds (Lab, Great Horton). 

Vehicles were seized for document offences, while three further motorists were reported for having defective tyres.

Reports were also issued to one driver for not wearing a seatbelt and another one for failing to register their vehicle.

Sergeant Cameron Buchan, of Bradford District Police, said: “This operation allowed our student officers to gain some valuable experience on dealing with road traffic offences and learn what Operation Steerside is all about. 

“We remain committed to tackling motorists who drive illegally and dangerously in Bradford and will be holding similar operations at different locations across the district.”