COUNCILLORS and business leaders have criticised plans to introduce new parking charges on evenings and Sundays in Bingley.

Bradford Council has revealed a proposal to introduce a £1 charge for Monday to Saturday nights between 6pm and midnight and a £1 charge for all day on Sundays.

The parking charges are planned for six council-run sites in the town, in Main Street, Queen Street, Ferncliffe, Waterloo, Wellington and Bingley Arts Centre.

The council says it will shortly be undertaking a formal consultation process.

The Bingley proposal is part of a number of changes which have been agreed for council-run car parks across the district. The council carried out an earlier consultation on the changes prior to its budget decision.

Other off-street parking locations affected are Shipley Pool, Wilsden and Bradford Crown Court. Off-street parking at Vicar Lane, Ilkley Lido and various sites within the Bingley St Ives Estate will also be affected. Proposals include amendments to charges, the introduction of charges, and changes to parking durations.

The council said car park charges were banded according to the location.

Cllr David Heseltine (Con, Bingley) criticised the proposal for Bingley, saying it would have a detrimental effect on town trade. He said: “It’s just a poke in the eye for people. It won’t help people who want to come into town for a meal.

“It’s the principle of this decision, more than the costs. It’s ludicrous. Once the council have a charge in place they will look to put it up.”

Jamie Illingworth, Bingley Chamber of Trade and Commerce president, said: “We look forward to having a robust conversation with the council as part of the consultation process.

“This proposal does nothing to encourage people to come into the town.”

Ros Dawson, Bingley Town Council chair, said: “From my point of view, we want to encourage shoppers and other visitors to Bingley through events and other initiatives. So, parking charges likely to discourage footfall and trade are not welcome.

“The Town Council will discuss the charges at its next meeting at the end of March and anyone is welcome to get in contact with their views.”


A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “This proposed change is part of a series of amendments to parking hours and charges we’ve been undertaking over the past couple of years across the district.

“We are putting notices up in the affected car parks and people have the opportunity to have their say by writing to to be received no later than noon on 23 March.”