A “DOTING” father and husband who stabbed his “defenceless” wife 21 times in a frenzied attack has been jailed for 19 years.

Turkan Lowmani, 33, attacked Lutfia Lowmani at their home in Idle Road, Bradford, after wrongly believing she was having an affair with another family member.

Prosecutor Michael Smith told Bradford Crown Court that the “catalyst for the violence” was Lowmani getting in from work on August 3 last year to find his wife on the phone to another man.

In the assault that followed, which took place while the couple’s three children were in the house, Lowmani used a kitchen knife to stab his victim in the neck, abdomen, back, arms, and legs.

Neighbours had heard her crying “no, no, no” before she collapsed outside the house in a “bloody heap.”

Instead of helping his wife of ten years, Lowmani fled the scene and tried to dispose a piece of his blood-stained clothing in a park.

Lowmani had denied a charge of attempted murder, but was found guilty following a trial in January.

He had claimed that his wife had grabbed the knife first and he had taken it from her before a struggle ensued.

Mr Smith told the court: “This was a spontaneous attempt to kill, arising out of an argument over actual or perceived infidelity on the night of the offence.

“Perhaps the most significant aggravating feature was the presence of the children in the house at the time.

“All the children must have been exposed to the violence in some way. If neighbours heard what was going on, they must have too.”

Tahir Khan QC, mitigating, said Lowmani’s was an “unusual” case given that the victim had actually spoken on behalf of her husband as a defence witness.

He said: “Lutfia Lowmani has no hostility towards the defendant for what happened. Lutfia does not want to face life without Turkan.

“They were a very close and loving couple. She is of course finding life difficult, but she wants him back.”

Mr Khan described Lowmani, who had no previous convictions, as a “peace-loving man who abhorred violence”, adding he was a “doting father to three children.”

He said: “The incident was not pre-meditated. He acted out of anger and did things he would never have done.”

Judge Neil Davey QC said Lowmani had been a “hard-working family man with a happy home life” prior to the incident, which he acknowledged had been triggered by the defendant becoming convinced his wife was cheating on him.

He said it did not matter who had picked up the knife first, telling Lowmani: “The fact is you armed yourself with that knife and stabbed her, and stabbed her, and stabbed her again.

“In all you stabbed her 21 times. In doing so, the jury found you attempted to kill her before she got away or you let her go.”

Judge Davey said Mrs Lowmani’s life was only saved due to the speed and skill of an emergency doctor who attended the scene and then extensive surgery.

One of the stab wounds hit her jugular vein, with others puncturing her lung, cutting her diaphragm, and piercing a vein in her leg, leaving her with “permanent” scarring.

Judge Davey told Lowmani: “This was a determined and sustained attempt to kill a defenceless mother of three young children which very nearly succeeded.  “You have not shown a scrap of remorse for what you did.”

As the judge spoke, Lowmani sat in the dock with his head in his hands and said at one point: “This is all wrong, wrong.”

As he was being handcuffed and led away to the cells, he shouted: “This is not right, this is not acceptable. I am not that kind of person.”

Speaking after the hearing, Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Spencer, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Domestic violence is a serious matter and Lowmani is fortunate that his partner survived what can only be described as a shockingly violent attack.

“The fact it took place in front of their children is even more shocking and I hope the victim and her children will find some comfort in the verdict of the court.  “I would also urge anyone who may find themselves in a volatile relationship to seek assistance from our District Safeguarding Units, so steps can be taken with partner agencies to prevent it escalating into more serious matters.”