SIR - David Hornsby’s letter, (T&A letters, February 12) is very well put on the subject of NHS underfunding and whether to believe the PM or the experts in this field. Last year around this time I recall it was the British Red Cross who, as well as giving their hands-on support in hospitals, also told the inconvenient truth of their experience and received doubt and disbelief from followers of Ms May.

It seems that there’s never been a time when the Government puts so little effort and creativity into fabricating its version of reality and yet more and more people appear to swallow its deceptions.

Someone recently said that 30 years ago politicians used to have to work much harder and more intelligently to lie and nowadays they just lie.

This usually consists of either the Government repeating the same cliched sound bites robotically until people rote learn and absorb them without further research and the use of Orwellesque truth reversing statements that mesmerise plus smear campaigns on the opposition to create a diversion.

From the lyrics of Public Enemy: “Don’t believe the hype”.

George Hitchcock, Southlands, Baildon

Something fishy's not going on in Bingley

SIR - Many thanks for bringing attention (T&A, February 13) to the war of words in Bingley on the now rejected project to open a new business of a fish restaurant and takeaway.

Yes, Bingley has several ‘food outlets’, none of which have ‘adequate parking and delivery spaces’ - for example the newly- opened business opposite the building in question and the bar/restaurant on the same street. A former rough ground car park adjacent to the station has been recently beautifully resurfaced. The former station master’s house, the would-be fish restaurant, now stands boarded/cemented up as a tribute to local planning ridicule.

I trust the public will react by voicing their support for this deserving business initiative and encourage an appeal to be made.

Allan Mirfield, Grange Road, Eldwick

SIR - I was thoroughly dismayed to learn of the abrupt halt to the redevelopment of a site in Bingley. For as long as I can remember, at least 40 years as a resident in Bingley, the old Station Master’s House has been in a derelict condition and a complete eyesore.

It was with great anticipation that the residents of Bingley looked forward to some redevelopment on the site. Scaffolding was erected and workmen appeared.

Finally, we thought, something was going to be done with this carbuncle in a prime site in the town.

Unfortunately, we were mistaken.

It now seems that the local politicians are using this development to air their personal grievances and all proceedings have been stopped, apparently because of a lack of planning permission.

I fully understand the need for proper procedures to be adhered to and that we cannot just develop what we want where we want it. But this was a plan to provide a small business for local people which this town needs rather than more corporate franchises.

Will the council please get its act together before another 40 years go by with no action?

Andrew Partington, Park Road, Bingley

What has happened to Shipley's streets?

SIR - I was born in Shipley and love my town very much. I fear it is becoming a ghost town due to the harassment people get from beggars, charity workers and mobile phone, internet and energy suppliers hounding us when we walk passed the shops on the market square.

I for one sometimes don’t bother going in certain shops if I see these people. I’m fed up of them chasing me down the street and not taking no for an answer, and persistently asking personal questions.

There are so many beggars now, some who lay on the floor on a sleeping bag and a coffee cup, some who just sit there with a fluffy, cute animal and the one’s who come up to you, even when you’re in the bus shelter, then tut if you don’t provide “any change”.

All these charities that help these people can you come out to Shipley cause we’re absolutely fed up of being put under all this pressure and sometimes we feel intimidated!

No one will want to come to Shipley soon because it’s getting worse is this situation. It’s bad enough the fact the toilets got shut down!

J Mathers, Thompson Lane, Baildon

Punishments must fit the crimes

SIR - Drug dealer Andrew Sawicki was prosecuted for possession of drugs near a children’s play area, and which he admitted he had planned to deal to others (T&A, February 9).

According to Judge Colin Burn the guidelines indicated that “the first port of call would be a prison sentence of some length.”

He then felt that he could take the “exceptional” step of suspending his two year sentence.

This is the same judge who (in the same paper) handed down a jail sentence of a mere 28 days to Rayham Rashid for dangerous driving – at 115 mph indeed – as well as being “intoxicated” with cannabis. Indeed, Judge Burn seemed to indicate that a mitigating circumstance was driving at night.

Whether it be our judges, or poor sentencing guidelines, we continue to be badly let down.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon

Brexit promotes (very) cross channel surfing

SIR - Correspondent Alan Chapman changes TV channels because he thinks that the BBC promotes “Remain”, (“Anna Soubry makes me change channels”, T&A letters, February10).

Alan seems to think that everyone should join a stampede for the exit just because 37 per cent voted for Brexit.

I agree that this was more than voted “Remain”, (in a sea of lies and misinformation). I also agree that many comedians on the BBC are taking the easy option of ridiculing silly and contradictory comments and absurd fantasies emanating from many Brexiteers, but to suggest that Ms Soubry and the BBC would do such a thing says more about Alan’s prejudices than it does about the BBC.

John Hall, Pennithorne Avenue, Baildon