A MONTHLY magazine devoted to Saltaire has finished after its founder and editor died.

The last edition of The Saltaire Sentinel is a tribute to James Duncan, who was also a correspondent for the Bradford Telegraph and Argus.

Mr Duncan died aged 64 and his funeral was held at Eccleshill United Reformed Church. The Tribute edition was given out following this service.

A message on the Saltaire Sentinel website said: “We have lost a dear friend. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the tribute edition of The Saltaire Sentinel. It is truly a celebration of James Duncan’s life.”

As James’ nephew, Oliver Scruton, wrote: “It is with the utmost respect and love for all that James was, that we lay The Saltaire Sentinel to rest, alongside its creator.”

The first edition of the magazine was published in January 2003, with the final magazine released in December last year.

Only two of its monthly editions were not produced during this time, in April 2013 and June last year, due to ill health and circumstance, the Sentinel website says. A total of 89,650 copies of the magazine were printed during its 15 years.

The Saltaire Sentinel, is archived in the Saltaire Archive housed in Shipley College, and is also available on its website, dating back to the January 2006 edition. The Sentinel’s website added it was a feature of Saltaire life for 15 years and was dearly loved. Tributes published in the final edition came from people and groups including Maggie Silver, of Salts Mill, Colin Coates, chair of Saltaire History Club and both the Eccleshill United Reformed and Saltaire United Reformed Church.

Mr Duncan’s friend, Pamela Reynolds, paid tribute to him following his death last month.

She said: “I worked with James for 12 years, publishing the Sentinel online.

“It’s read around the globe. With the help of James’ family and friends, I produced this tribute edition of The Saltaire Sentinel.

“He was a great friend and colleague and The Sentinel was so characterful and quirky - read globally.

“We are uplifted by the loving tributes to James, the shared memories and the praise for his many talents and achievements, not least the Saltaire Sentinel.”

Subjects covered in last year’s editions of the Sentinel including plans for development at Milner Field Farm in Gilstead.

Performances by Eddie Lawler, known locally as ‘the Bard of Saltaire’ also featured a number of times on the Sentinel’s front page. Its February 2016 edition also covered the clean-up operation and aftermath of the Boxing Day 2015 floods.