A "MISLEADING" car park sign which was at the centre of a battle against an unfair parking fine last autumn looks unlikely to be changed despite scores of drivers still being caught out.

In September the Telegraph & Argus highlighted how Frank Goad successfully appealed against his parking ticket.

He was hit with the penalty notice earlier last year in the Council’s city-centre Sharpe Street car park, but has since had it overturned by a parking adjudicator who accepted his claim that the signs were “misleading”.

Mr Goad, from Keighley, feared many more motorists would be fined if the Council didn’t alter their signs. He said: “They definitely need changing. There are lots of people getting caught out.”

He called on the Council to make its signs clearer, pointing out there were similar "misleading" signs in other council car parks.

However, it has since been discovered by a Freedom of Information request that the Council has not done anything to change the wording and almost three motorists a day are still being caught out.

The Bradford resident who made the request told the T&A: "The original sign, in Sharpe Street, is still in place.

"I contacted Bradford Council and in the period from November 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018, 156 penalty charge notices have been issued at Sharpe Street car park after 6pm, Monday to Friday.

"Thirty nine of these have been appealed and 128 fines have been paid."

"Therefore 156 penalty charge notices issued over the period of 66 nights calculates at 2.36 per night (between 6pm - midnight). This would indicate that the sign is not clear and it is catching innocent victims regularly.

"Thirty nine have been appealed however, the majority of people will accept the reduced fee of £25 within 14 days rather than appealing and risk paying the full £50 fine.

"I feel aggrieved that Bradford Council is unfairly taking money from users of this car park when they are separately trying to promote visitors into the city centre."

He added that he too had misread the sign when visiting the Alhambra but was unsuccessful at appeal and was forced to pay a £25 fine.

In September the Council refused to say whether it would be reviewing its car park signage, saying they "carefully examine all judgements given by the adjudicator and decide the best action to take to improve the experience for car park users”.

Following the release of the FOI request, a Bradford Council spokesperson said: “We carried out a review of the signage in this car park after the appeal and believe it was clear.

"The adjudicator found that the sign clearly sets out the three different sets of charges that apply on the relevant days and times and it is clear both that payment is required after 6pm and the sum payable.

"We have won subsequent appeals and the number of fines issued is in line with previous years.

"The evening charge at Sharpe Street has been in place since before 2009. It was increased from 50p to £1 in March 2017.

"We are confident people are aware of the parking restrictions.”