FEARS over financial insecurity is putting people in Yorkshire off from becoming their own boss, but this is not the case in Bradford, according to a leading district business figure.

A survey found 59 per cent of Yorkshire employees dream of becoming their own boss, but 37 per cent of people surveyed feel it is too risky to go it alone.

Having a better salary was the top reasons why people in Yorkshire want to change their career, with 51 per cent. This was followed by a better work-life balance, 26 per cent; better career progression, 21 per cent; to work in a better working environment, 19 per cent and to have less pressure, 16 per cent.

It also found 59 per cent of the region’s employees want to be their own bosses, with just one in ten loving their jobs, and nine per cent of the region added their current roles are impacting upon their health, a study by direct selling company Vorwerk found.

Other concerns about making the move to works for themselves included 30 per cent fear enough work would come in, 30 per cent lack the confidence to set-up their own venture and 25 per cent do not know what to do.

But those who have decided to start up their own firm said it was a positive experience for then. A total of 13 per cent of Yorkshire employees to have already switched roles, said the most common emotions associated with job-changes were excitement, 46 per cent; enjoyment, 32 per cent and liberation, 21 per cent.

Nick Garthwaite, Bradford Chamber of Commerce president, said the district is a thriving area for fledgling firms.

He said: “Yes, it can be intimidating to even think about going into business on your own, and there are lots of things to take into consideration; but it can also be very liberating, rewarding and revitalising.

“The uncertainty of finding finance, securing premises, orders, etc…the list goes on, but we would urge people to seek out the right support and guidance that will help people to not only survive but be successful.

“That’s entirely what the Chamber of Commerce is about – to help start-ups on their first steps, to provide professional expertise in a range of ways for established businesses, or to signpost people to where that help can be found.

“We also have the best networking events, so the help and support can be informal, through building up of contacts, as well as formal.

“We also have a loan fund dedicated to businesses needing that finance, whether start-ups or not.

“Businesses should go to befund.org for details of obtaining loans, including up to £25,000 for start-ups.

“Furthermore, Bradford was recently named by Barclays as the best city in the UK in which to start a business. So perhaps the fears highlighted in Vorwerk’s report are not as prominent here.

“Bradford has always had a strong entrepreneurial culture and long may that continue.”