TWO best friends originally from Bradford have turned their teenage dream into a reality after a film about their lives is set to be released.

Scott Elliott and Sid Sadowskyj, both 32, wrote a ‘dreamcatcher’ list when they were 16 featuring what they wanted to do when they were older.

Now, their film, Scott and Sid, will be premiered in London on March 6. A premiere at an unconfirmed location in Bradford will follow later that month.

The 15 certificate movie, which has cost £1.7 million, follows schoolboys Scott, played by Richard Mason and Sid, by Tom Blyth, who are isolated, underachieving and a little lost when Scott transfers to Sid’s school as a teen.

Sid is the withdrawn son of an alcoholic mother and absent father, while Scott is an unloved foster child who’s been expelled from a number of schools.

Their friendship forms and they decided to write a list of goals and begin pursuing each one in turn to create a better life.

Meanwhile, the real-life friends featured in the Telegraph & Argus in 2002 when they set up their business, The Production Company, when sixth form students at Beckfoot School were encouraged to set up their own company.

Mr Elliott and Mr Sadowskyj’s 2018 interest, the movie, which they have written, produced and directed, was filmed in a number of locations including Leeds, York, London and in a house in Nab Wood, Shipley.

It has taken them the last four years to make and distribute and it is set to be advertised nationally on billboards and in movie magazines.

Mr Elliott said: “It is all about what makes you happy. What can you do to achieve this?

“We have lived by this dreams list over the last 16 years.

“The film is raw, gritty and about real life. The film is about friendship, the ups and down.

“This dreamcatcher list has broken us and brought us closer together.

“This is our first feature film. Having wanted to make a film since we were teenagers, the fact that we are on the brink of releasing a story based on our lives is incredible.

“To film in the region we grew up in was an honour.

“We have known each other since we were 16; I lived in Baildon and Sid lived in Shipley then.

“It has seen us learning on the job. We now want to do our own films.”

Their story is also set to be released as a novel.

The pair also plan to give talks in young offenders institutions and schools across the country and hope to visit sites in the Bradford district.