A PRESENTER of Bradford-based BCB Radio has paid tribute to the late Peter Wyngarde who has died aged 90.

The British actor was best known for his TV role as suave, flamboyantly-dressed sleuth Jason King in Department S and its Seventies spin-off, which was named after his character.

Carl Gresham, who has been presenting with BCB for 18 years has shared his memories of the actor to whom he was promotional manager for public appearances in front of adoring female fans in his hey-day.

Mr Gresham rose from a local record shop manager "for a tenner a week" to an entrepreneur and theatrical and promotional manager rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest stars to hit stage and TV screens.

He has also been a columnist, disc jockey, actor, presenter and a musicologist.

He developed many personal friendships with the stars who he later employed when he launched his personal appearances company.

One of these great friends was Peter Wyngarde.

On hearing the news he had died, Mr Gresham told the Telegraph & Argus: "I'd just like to say how sorry I was to read of Peter's death.

"During the '70s we had a contract to officially open over 30 Woolworths newly refurbished stores throughout the UK.

"Other than my friends and clients, Morecambe & Wise, Peter was the most requested and highest paid celebrity making personal appearances.

"He was a charmer with the ladies and his appearances on the Woolworths engagements drew in excess of 5,000 screaming ladies.

Though Mr Gresham was from Bradford, the nearest he got Wyngarde to the city was to Barnsley's Arndale Centre.

"Peter was an absolute joy to work with and drew massive crowds. We were even turned away from a Woolworths store on one occasion.

"The police said the stores around "Woolies", in the Arndale Centre, were worried their all-glass frontages might break.

"On the way there we were stopped by a police car and a lovely police lady said: "Hello, Jason." (They always called Peter by his TV role name). "I'm sorry but we can't let you go any further.

"Peter asked me: "Dear Boy, will I still get paid?"

"To which I replied, of course you will, and, of course, he did. Woolworths said whilst they were sorry not to have had Peter in person the story hit nearly all the front pages of the daily newspapers. They couldn't have bought that publicity!

"He was a wonderful gentleman."

Wyngarde, the French-born son of a diplomat, also notched up roles in The Avengers, The Saint, The Prisoner and appeared as villain Klytus in Flash Gordon and as Timanov in Doctor Who: Planet Of Fire.

"He died at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, in London, on Monday, after having been unwell for a couple of months.