A BRADFORD artist has spoken about her anger after seeing an efit image of a murder suspect which police in Pakistan had produced.

Simone Malik, a portrait artist, said she was horrified to see the image the Pakistan police issued saying it was nothing like the CCTV still it was taken from.

The efit was of a suspect wanted following the alleged rape and murder of seven-year-old Sainab Ansari, in a city in the north eastern area of Pakistan.

The youngster is said to have disappeared on January 4 and her body was found on a rubbish heap on January 9.

Her parents are understood to have been in Saudi Arabia at the time on a holy pilgrimage.

Ms Malik said: "I saw the efit image of the suspect on an Asian news channel and was so angry when it was obvious it was nothing like the man seen on CCTV.

“ I felt I had to study the sketch the police had done and wrote out a detailed critique which I shared on my social media.

“As an artist I could see the technicality of it, and there were so many flaws with the police’s sketch. The nose, the eyes, the nostril, they were all so far from the CCTV. Even the suspect's forehead was so different. The CCTV shows the suspect with a narrower forehead, but the sketch is nothing like that.

"I created my own image of the man the police are looking for. I hope the police acknowledge the error and use the one I have provided instead.

"There has been a huge outcry since the body of the child was found and emotions are running high in the country."