IT’S “so far, so good” for the owners of a craft shop in Bradford, who have been plagued with unexplained mischievous behaviour at night.

Barrie and Cat Naylor, of the Craft Market, in Darley Street, said they had been opening the shop in the mornings to find drawers emptied out and shelves cleared of goods overnight.

“There were items knocked on the floor which were not there when we locked up. We just couldn’t explain it. There had been no one in at the time,” said Mrs Naylor.

The couple opened the craft shop on January 13 last year and stock craft items from around 50 independent traders, ranging from jewellery to vintage and antique items.

But on a regular basis, the couple claim to have found items scattered around or moved.

“One woman won’t go up to the third floor any more,” said Mr Naylor.

“I can’t say I believe in paranormal things. I just find it annoying that we’re constantly clearing up the mess.”

On Thursday evening a local paranormal group, Whitehouse Investigations, headed by Chris Whitehouse, went along to the Craft Market to see if they could pick up any activity on their equipment.

“We do this free because it is an interest to our group,” he said.

“Whether we will get anything we are not sure. But if whatever is happening stops so Barrie and Cat don’t have any more mess or damage, then that will be a good thing.”

On Thursday night the investigators toured the building with the owners to search for clues and electrical activity.

At the end of the session the investigators produced a ouija board and Mrs Naylor and the four members of the group sat down.

Our footage appears to show a glass moving around the board to spell out answers to the questions being asked.

The investigators believed three contacts were made and say they were a man named Harry, aged 70, a woman aged 68, named Kitty, and a 12-year-old girl called Mary.

They claimed they were a family and lived at the premises in 1938.

At the end of the session it was established that the shop owners would buy a pot plant and put the three names on the container and the “mischievous behaviour” would stop.

After the session, investigator Fran said: “We were pleased to make contact through the board and hope that things will now settle down for Barrie and Cat.”

Mrs Naylor said on Friday: “I am usually really sceptical about this sort of thing but no one seemed to be pushing that glass around.

“There had been no more activity overnight after locking up so let’s hope that’s the end of it. I will keep my promise and buy a plant this weekend.”