THE internet is an unavoidable - and essential - part of everyday life.

From online banking and shopping, to booking holidays, browsing news websites and doing business, the world wide web has opened up a whole new way of living and communicating.

With a whole range of social media platforms to choose from, people can document every aspect of their life to share with others on a huge scale.

And those looking for a wifi hotspot to hook up to in West Yorkshire will be spoilt for choice, according to data from the Campaign for Real Ale’s new Good Beer Guide app.

The app puts good pubs and great pints at people’s fingertips by collating data from more than 40,000 pubs so users can search for local pubs based on their individual preferences.

Filters include everything from providing a cosy fireplace or free wifi, to being dog friendly or selling real cider on tap.

Harnessing this data, the app has found that nearly 750 pubs across West Yorkshire provide wifi for punters. Behind West Yorkshire is Greater Manchester with 729 and Devon with 722.

Berry Jagoda, Manager at the Exchange Ale House in Market Street, Bradford, which provides wifi for customers, said: “I think it’s quite modern nowadays - it’s very useful if you have it.”

Users of CAMRA’s app can also connect with friends using a social feed which lets them share pictures and comments on the pubs they visit and the beers they try, highlighting their friend’s activities and keeping them up-to-date with the latest beer and pub news.

Simon Hall, CAMRA’s Head of Publishing, said: “The Good Beer Guide is already a hugely respected source of beer and pub information.

“The app is the next step, opening up the world of great beer and pubs to even more people and providing a new way for them to share their passion with others through pictures, tasting notes and reviews. It allows people to take the pub with them wherever they go.”

The app is optimised for smartphones and available on the App Store and Google Play.

Users can subscribe for 99p a month, £1.99 for three months or £4.99 for the year to access more features and enhanced search tools, including the premium listing of 4,500 CAMRA-recommended pub listings from the Good Beer Guide.

Paid users can also use image capture to scan pump clips to instantly find out more information on the real ales on tap at the bar.

They can then tag beers for other users to share what they are enjoying in real time.