A NEW temporary exhibition is set to open in Bradford to mark 60 years since the start of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

The Peace Museum, in Piece Hall Yard, has worked closely with CND Yorkshire to amass many items that have been used in protests over the years.

The extensive collection includes posters, placards, banners and badges.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a copy of the original design for the symbol for CND, created by the artist and peace campaigner Gerald Holtom in 1958.

The symbol was never copyrighted and following the large publicity and support surrounding the campaign, the symbol became known and adopted across the world as a universal symbol of peace.

Lauren Padgett, Trustee at the Peace Museum, said: “The work that CND has been doing over the last 60 years has been vital.

“CND was one of the pioneering campaign movements that came about in the 50s to bring nuclear disarmament on a more global agenda, so it’s really important to remember the work they have been doing over the last 60 years.”

The exhibition opens tomorrow.