MENINGITIS tot Kia Gott could be home by Easter.

Doctors caring for the one-year-old who had all four limbs amputated have told her family she should be back home in just months.

Kia who will still have to be in high dependency at Leeds General Infirmary for seven to eight weeks until she is weaned off strong drugs, will start off with day release as soon as she is put on a normal ward, said relative Donna Gott.

Now her family are appealing to the community of Wyke for a house swap.

They live in a three-bedroom Yorkshire Housing home in Woodside at the moment but want to move back to their home village of Wyke where they will be needing four bedrooms.

A Yorkshire Housing spokesperson said: “We’re pleased to hear about Kia’s recovery and that she might be home by Easter. We’re in contact with Mr Gott to understand Kia’s future needs, which could mean making adaptations to the family property. We will continue to support the family with their housing needs. Unfortunately we don’t have any larger properties available in the Woodside or Wyke area, where the family want to live. We’re working with them to look at other housing associations and the council’s housing options service, who might have suitable homes in the area.“

Kia will also be needing a specialist cost that raises up and down and a bath seat, said Mrs Gott.

A Justgiving page set up to help the family raised more than £36,000 in just months after word spread of Kia's plight.

Doctors believe she has also suffered brain damage from the meningococcal septicemia she contracted back in September.

The family has been clinging onto hope that she still has some sight and hearing and now doctors have referred her to eye and hearing specialists.

Kia's family met for talks with doctors yesterday, said Mrs Gott and were "over the moon" to hear their daughter could be back home with them by Easter.

Doctors are fitting a special peg feed until Kia can develop her swallowing skills and her mum and dad Vikki and Paul will be trained how to use it. She will also be allocated a specialist community nurse.

Plastic surgeons will soon be carrying out assessments to see if Kia needs more surgery or not although recent dressings removed from her belly and back have healed nicely.