A TOP of town craft shop has called in paranormal investigators after a host of ghostly activities has left the owners bewildered.

Barrie Naylor, who runs Craft Market, in Darley Street, Bradford, with his wife, Cat, said unusual things had happened ever since they opened on January 13 last year.

"It is really strange and something we can't explain," said Mr Naylor.

"The shop is arranged on three floors and we can leave it tidy when we lock up at night, and then return in the morning and there have been drawers tipped out, shelves emptied and things moved around.

"One night I put a heavy clothes rail full of items in a room and locked the door. The following day it was in a different room. I know for a fact I locked the door.

"Things happen pretty regularly and we have CCTV footage of strange lights which we have been told are orbs.

One time a woman ran out of the shop because she said she had seen something. Another refuses to go to the third floor.

"I have been talking to customers when the front door alarm has gone off but the door hasn't been opened.

"Another person said they saw a strange dog and another had seen a ghostly woman.

"To be honest I am not a great believer in this sort of thing, but I would like to know what is going on. I find it more annoying than anything else because you can leave the place tidy at night and return to a mess the following day.

"We can put things in one spot and if "it" doesn't like it there it will move it back.

"I understand the premises used to be a hairdressers but it was almost derelict when we took it over so we haven't had chance to speak to anyone who was there before to see if they'd experienced anything.

"We know it hasn't been burglars or people messing around because there has been no one in.

"We have had psychics coming in saying there is a presence."

On Thursday night a group interested in paranormal investigations is spending several hours at the shop to try and capture any of the activity which Mr Naylor has explained.

"We are really interested to know what they will come back with. I really don't know what to think about what has been happening but whatever it is, it is becoming more mischievous," he said.