NEARLY 40 people from Bradford were charged with drink or drug driving offences in a festive crackdown by West Yorkshire Police.

The 'Not the Usual Suspects' campaign ran between December 1 and January 1, with the Force making 264 arrests across the region.

Fifty-nine per cent of those arrested were charged with an offence, with others awaiting the result of further tests.

And 51 people were arrested on suspicion of drug driving, the highest number of arrests for the offences in December since 2015.

Of the 264 people arrested, 60 were from Bradford and 38 people - 27 men and 11 women - were charged.

Of those arrested on suspicion of drug driving, three were subsequently charged with more than 20 others awaiting the results of additional tests.

And of the 156 people charged with drink and drug driving, 87 percent of those were aged over 35. Of those, 119 were men, and 37 were women.

The highest number of arrests during the campaign were on New Year's Day, with 18 people being arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving.

Police Sergeant Gary Roper, of the Force’s Roads Policing Support Unit, said: “We have once again seen a high number of motorists arrested for drink and drug driving in December, with the highest number of arrests being during the weekends.

“Thirty two percent of people were arrested between midnight and 3am, highlighting that many people are still choosing to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking drugs - behaviours that we really want to encourage people to change.

"We have also continued to see a high number of people aged over 35 being arrested, and charged for the offences; something that continues to be a concern. These are individuals who have seen generations of drink driving campaigns and still have the opinion ‘It’ll never happen to me.’

“We would all want people not to drink or drug drive, but, as people continue to take the risk of doing so, officers will continue to make arrests.

“Drink and drug driving can have devastating consequences; for the driver, their families, friends and other road users.

"We want everyone to be able to use the roads in West Yorkshire safely and will take robust action against those who put our communities at risk.”