A HORSE Sanctuary is hoping for sackloads of support from the public.

Country Feed Supplies in Wharfe Street, Shipley, has set up a special hotline for people to dial and donate food to Roleystone Horse Sanctuary.

The sanctuary in Westfield Lane, Shipley, is running low of funds to help feed the 25 horses in its care.

"We had just £80 in the bank account recently. It's not enough. We're hoping people will help us out and donate food so we don't have to pay for it!" said Diane Coulton.

It costs around £1,600 a month to keep the horses fed without taking any vet bills into account.

"December until April is the time we struggle most. The horses are inside now for the winter and we need as much help as we can possible get. Our volunteers do their best but it is a struggle," added Ms Coulton.

Country Feeds Animal supplies can be called on 01274 593111 and will deliver any donated bags of feed and carrots direct to the stable door.

Money donations are also needed for the upkeep of the sanctuary and to help with vet bills, donations can be paid direct into the centre's own bank account, number 20838098 sort code 20-11-88.

Cheques can also be sent direct, made payable to Roleystone Horse Sanctuary, to Gillian Greenwood at 13 Heath Grove, East Morton, BD20 5TA.

Anyone interested in getting a copy of Roleystone's winter newsletter can call 07791 723863 to request one.

The sanctuary, which loans horses out to good homes, is also running a £1 appeal asking people to pay that amount once a month by direct debit.

"If we got 3,000 people to sign up to it it would bring us £3,000. It's a big ask especially in today's world when things are tight enough for people but we can hope and we can ask," said Ms Coulton.

Earlier this year the Telegraph & Argus reported how a bedraggled horse rescued from a Bradford street by Roleystone had been brought back to a picture of health.

The grey cob had been found dumped in a garden and fastened to a gatepost in February but trustees at the sanctuary had managed to squeeze it and another horse in to its already full to the brim stables after discovering the animals’ plight.

Ellen Hodgkiss whose garden is in Binns Lane, Lidget Green, told the Telegraph & Argus at the time that two men had been seen tying up the cob before driving off in a van.

Ms Hodgkiss, 53, tried ringing the police, the RSPCA, the World Horse Welfare and her landlord Incommunities to take responsibility but with no luck eventually contacted Roleystone Horse Sanctuary which agreed to help.

Seven months on and the cob, named Toby by the sanctuary, was winning rosettes at competitions.