Skies over parts of the Bradford district were lit up by a glowing green meteor on New Year’s Eve.

Brian Walker captured a mysterious object flying over his home in Undercliffe on his black and white home security camera at around 5.30pm yesterday.

He said: “It’s weird.

“I could not believe it when I saw it going over.

“It went from the right to the left. At first I thought it was an aircraft on fire, but there was not enough of it for it to be that.”

Some onlookers thought the fireworks had started early as the bizarre phenomenon made a spectacular sight in the skies.

One motorist on the M606 near Bradford recorded the lights on his dash cam and Abbas Khan captured the footage below as he travelled on the M1 motorway. 

T&A readers in Wibsey, Wyke and Illingworth also reported seeing the unusual display.

Meanwhile, one of the most vivid descriptions came from Louise Dell'Amico, who said: "In relation to the weird green lights seen above Yorkshire - I was on a run up Hollins Hill in Baildon, looking towards Guiseley, and stooped to look at what I thought was a plane, but then thought why would it have four green lights underneath - at front? Then I thought it was maybe a fancy New Year's Eve firework but it was too slow - the green light little tail-like trails and saw a couple of white flecks like you see when something re-enters the atmosphere? So cross I didn't get a photo.”

If you captured the green lights on camera, send you photo or video to the T&A Facebook page or email