A BRADFORD businessman has criticised the Justice Secretary after his call to ban tiny mobile phones.

David Lidington raised the issue of prisoners smuggling phones into prisons during a speech in London earlier today.

As well as raising the dangers of criminal gangs using technology like drones to smuggle contraband into prisons, he urged online retailers to stop selling miniature mobile phones, which can be the size of a cigarette lighter and can evade prison detection equipment.

He said mobile phones are seen as a major challenge in prisons amid concerns they are used to facilitate more crime and intimidate victims from behind bars.

However, his proposed ban has been criticised by Shazad Talib, who last week launched a Kickstarter appeal to fund the the Zanco Tiny T1, a phone that measures just 46.7mm x 21mm.

The Bradford-born entrepreneur now lives in China, and after Mr Lidington’s speech told the Telegraph & Argus more should instead be done to block phone signals in prisons.

The phone is a partnership with Clubit New Media, and he said: “Zanco and Clubit New Media are disappointed by the justice secretaries comments in the media that has detracted from the technological achievement that is the Zanco tiny t1.

“At no point in our advertising, social media marketing or Kickstarter campaign have we targeted any markets based in criminality or promoting the subversion of sovereign laws in any land. Zanco and Clubit New Media do not support or condone illegal behaviour in any capacity.

“With regards to the problem of mobile phones in the UK prison system we believe that technology should be explored to ascertain implementation that would result in the inoperability of mobile phones within the prison system.

“Our KickStarter campaign to launch the World’s Smallest Phone is the culmination of a two year journey to not only create the must have gadget but also push the limits of human engineering. As can be seen in the Kickstarter campaign video the Zanco tiny t1 is aimed at a multitude of markets for both it’s novelty gift charm and it’s real world applications. The Zanco tiny t1 is perfect for those situations where you don’t want to carry your expensive smartphone such as jogging, clubbing, hiking, and as an emergency back up for safety, security and piece of mind.

“We strongly believe that the comments made by the justice secretary has detracted from the joy, happiness and smiles the tiny t1 brings.”