More than five cars, including three high-end vehicles, have been damaged in a dramatic car chase in Bradford resulting in a number of arrests.

The police pursuit concluded in St Paul's Road, in Manningham at about 10.25pm on Sunday.

As the chase progressed, the police helicopter was called in to assist officers on the ground.

The National Police Air Service, which operates the helicopter from Carr Gate, Wakefield, revealed that the chase had been “successfully concluded.”

A spokesman said all the vehicle occupants had been detained, but did not say how many people had been travelling in the vehicle.

One witness whose family's cars were written-off in the smash said the scene was "manic" and "a complete nightmare."

The man, who asked not to be named, said he saw police surrounding a red Honda Civic Car smashing the windscreen and windows with batons to get the occupants out.

He also said one of the police officer's had his leg "sandwiched" between the Honda that had been chased and a car parked up.

He said he was angry police had described the chase as being "successfully concluded" when he said it had caused "utter carnage" in the street, causing thousands of pounds of damage to innocent people's cars.

He said: "It was a complete nightmare, just mayhem. I'd been up in my room when I heard sirens coming down the back of the house. I thought it was just another night in Bradford then I heard very loud bangs, tyres screeching and a police helicopter above.

"My family started shouting for me to come downstairs. I went outside and that's when it all kicked off. There were police smashing their coshes against the glass of a red Honda Civic trying to get the people out. I saw there were four people inside.

"It had gone into three cars on one side of the road and two on the other. It's written my car off, probably another one of my family's cars and badly damaged another. It will have cost thousands.

"A police officer had his leg sandwiched between the car that was chased and one of ours. He mananged to pull his leg out but he was breathless. There's no way the police can describe it as being 'successfully concluded'."

Another witness said: "I was watching telly when I heard sirens and a sound like somebody had a problem with running his car.

"I've looked outside and seen five or six police cars and a red Honda in the centre of them.

"The Honda tried to make a turn back and smashed one of the cars that was parked on the side of the road, then turned back and crashed with the next car.

"He got blocked, then the police officers started to smash the car windows and after they did that they were dragging out people from the car.

"Probably there were more than 30 police officers there, they were running from everywhere.

"It looked like it was well-planned, everything happened fast and it was organised.

"I feel sorry for the people whose cars were damaged but I think that the police did a great job."

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "Roads policing officers were on patrol in the Manningham Lane area of Bradford at 10.21pm yesterday when a vehicle failed to stop after being requested to do so.

"Officers followed the red Honda Civic towards Girlington and then into Heaton before it returned to the Manningham area, where it made contact with a police vehicle and a number of other parked cars in St Paul’s Road at around 10.30pm.

"An ambulance was requested for one of the occupants of the Civic, who was taken to hospital with minor injuries. A police officer also received treatment at the scene for a minor injury.

"The occupants of the vehicle, two men aged 20 and 43, were arrested on suspicion of several offences including theft of motor vehicle, fail to stop and dangerous driving.

"Both remain in custody at this time and enquiries are continuing."