A PROG rock legend played a concert in the stunning surroundings of Bradford Cathedral to raise funds for the building.

Ian Anderson, of of Jethro Tull, performed The Christmas Jethro Tull concert in the packed Cathedral last night.

Def Leppard's Joe Elliott also appeared as a guest musician.

Mr Anderson is known to play cathedrals around the country and donate the takings to help with their upkeep.

Jethro Tull, who first formed in the 1960s, have sold more than 60 million albums, and are considered one of the most important and influential prog rock bands. Last night's concern mixed Tull classics with Christmas carols.

Mr Anderson, whose one-legged, flute playing pose has become an iconic rock image, has said he enjoys the challenge of playing cathedrals and their “cavernous spaces”.

Cathedral spokeswoman Sandra Howard said: "It went really, really well. The band themselves said that they were really pleased and Bradford had given a really warm welcome."

She said that people had been generous, with a number of donations left in the retiring collection.

The cathedral's own choristers took part in the concert, as well as the Bradford Citadel Salvation Army band.

Speaking earlier in the year about the concert, The Very Reverend Jerry Lepine, Dean of Bradford, said: “In the past few years we have had to raise something like three quarters of a million pounds to make sure the building is kept in good condition, and that is not something that ever stops.

“Really what they are doing is giving us a massive Christmas gift, all the money will go towards helping the Cathedral pay its way, and for that we are incredibly grateful to him."

Previous Christmases have seen the band play Lincoln, Worcester and Sailsbury Cathedrals. As well as Bradford, they will also play Durham Cathedral this Christmas.