DRAWINGS of historic Wilsden have been brought back to life as Christmas cards at the village's community post office.

The black and white images were created by former resident Reg Fawcett between 1945 and 1975 according to Louisa Sheekins, who has revived the pictures as greetings cards.

She said the drawings offer a glimpse into Wilsden's past.

Louisa, who owns Black Sheep Design which is based in the village, said: "It's only 50 years ago but it looks like a lot has changed.

"There are 24 pictures and they are really very good. They show the history of the area and there are horses and carts on the streets.

"I live near the Harden Malt Shovel pub and the area just looks totally different now to how it does in one of the drawings, with a lot more trees where there were once meadows.

"It's amazing how things have changed in such a short time."

Louisa, 52, said she chose to revive the images to be sold as cards and canvases in support of the post office, which reopened in January as a community project after being closed for two years.

Residents raised £17,500 to fund the Main Street store's first year in business and are now hoping to raise a similar amount to keep its doors open.

Louisa explained how Reg Fawcett originally created his Christmas cards to raise money for the village hall: "It feels like we're reviving a tradition for the village, it's gone full circle.

"Reg Fawcett was a leading light in helping to get it built. So this is the history of the local community.

"The post office is just up the road from us so we use it all the time. We wanted to raise money to keep it going because it's used by the whole village.

"It's the life blood of the community and the people who run it are so passionate about it."

The centre is run by the specially-formed Wilsden Community Company CIC (Community Interest Company) and run by a team of volunteers and a paid postmaster.

To view the drawings and buy Christmas cards visit black-sheep-design.com/collections/wilsden-christmas-card-packs.