A BRADFORD-based property company is breaking new ground by listing a house for sale in the online currency Bitcoin.

Citywide Investors, based in Little Germany, have recently listed a two-bed terrace house in Leeds for 10 Bitcoin, currently the equivalent of £60,000.

It is thought that they are the first company outside London to list a property exclusively using the ‘cryptocurrency’.

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The company was approached by the seller, who works in the tech industry and was looking to sell the property to increase his Bitcoin portfolio.

After discussions, the company decided to sell the property using the online currency.

The company has told the Telegraph & Argus that there has been lots of interest in the unique listing so far, and another property owner has approached them about selling a house in Batley using a similar method.

The web listing for the property, on Glensdale Street in East End, Leeds, says: “We hope that this will start a trend and that more and more businesses start using Bitcoin as a method of payment.

“It is easy and quick since it transfers immediately and there is no middle-man.

“There is no more waiting for the bank transfer to be completed, it happens the instant you want it to, allowing for a hassle-free and safe transaction of funds.”

Bitcoin is a currency that exists only online, and has been referred to as “digital gold” due to the fact that its value can rise or fall depending on the market.

It was first introduced in 2009, but it recent years has become much more prominent in the business world. There are thought to be between three and six million Bitcoin users in the world.

Each Bitcoin currently has a value of around £6,000.

Ahmed Ali, director of Peckover Street-based Citywide Investments, said: “The property will be sold for a fixed figure of 10 Bitcoin.

“Because of the current value of Bitcoin we expect the property will go for between £60,000 and £65,000.

“It is quite exciting to be selling in this way. There are already a lot of people doing transactions using Bitcoin.

“The owner is very into cryptocurrencies, he buys and sells a lot using this method, and he came to me and we thought why not sell the house in this way?

“There are property companies in London and Dubai who sell in this way, but nothing up North or in Bradford.

“It is very easy to transfer money in this way, and the idea of Bitcoin transactions is growing at a very strong pace.


“On the day of completion we will check the current currency value per Bitcoin and that is what the property will sell for.

“The value of Bitcoin has slowly been creeping up recently.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in this property. We’re now looking to increase the rental market using Bitcoin.”