CAMERAMEN and producers from the “golden age of television” were reunited with their old cameras at the National Science and Media Museum, 50 years after they first used them.

The TV crews, who were responsible for bringing colour television and live recordings of programmes and sport in the 1960s, were at the museum as part of the Adapt project, run by Royal Holloway University.

The equipment has been arduously restored by Steve Harris, who owns a collection of rare and historic equipment.

Cameras on show included the EMI 2001, a favourite of the BBC which was used in the majority of its broadcasts in the 1960s and 70s, and the Pye PC80.

Professor John Ellis, leader of the Adapt project, said he wanted to record the skills and technical knowledge of cameramen during the early years of colour TV.

He said: “These men are the pioneers of technology, as everyone uses more and more technology.

“They showed the way and developed ways of using sound and video recording that we now all use.”