Leading members of the cast of a new Wuthering Heights feature film will visit Haworth both for filming and to attend the village’s steampunk weekend.

They will be in the village from Friday until Sunday and people will also have the chance to see costumes and props used in the making of the film.

Cast members will take part in photoshoots as guests of The Bronte Parsonage and Ponden Hall, as well as in talks and question and answer sessions on the forthcoming film, which is due for international release on July 30, 2018 to coincide with Emily Bronte’s 200 year birth celebrations.

The actors will be involved in filming for the final scenes of the movie on the surrounding moorland. A Haworth premiere of the film is planned next summer.

Among the cast members due to arrive in Haworth will be Paul Eryk Atlas who plays Heathcliff, and Sha’ori Morris who plays Cathy.

They will be present alongside Richard Dee Roberts ( Edgar Linton), Henry Douthwaite and Claire Cooper King (Mr and Mrs Earnshaw), Helen Fullerton (Ellen Dean), David Macey (Joseph) and Alex de Luca (Dr Kenneth).

Sha’ori has previously appeared in Harry Potter, Black Prince and House of Screaming Death. Paul’s credits include Broken Strings, while Henry has appeared in Fantastic Bests and Where to Find Them, Off Piste and Ben Hur.

The new Wuthering Heights film, made by Three Hedgehogs Films, is slated for entry at all major international film festivals before its release.

Director and Brontes fan Elisaveta Abrahall said: “We have followed the book very closely, as well as dipping into fan theories and local folklore. We’ve allowed the characters a grittier edge than previous adaptations in keeping with society at the time. There is far more sex and violence in our version than others, because human nature does not change and we felt it important to keep Emily Bronte’s visionary realism alive by truly depicting the rigours of life and inequalities in Georgian England.

“This is far more Game of Thrones than Romeo and Juliet, but then Wuthering Heights is one of the most terrifying and obsessive love stories ever told. We are delighted to be coming to Haworth and relish the opportunity to film on the moors that inspired Emily Bronte to write such a timeless classic.

“We are particularly thrilled to be guests of the Bronte Parsonage, who have generously extended use of their gardens for a photoshoot, and are also extremely pleased to be attending Ponden Hall for photographs, which was the inspiration for Thrushcross Grange in the novel.”