A little boy with a heart of gold has continued his fight to help homeless people in Bradford.

Back in August, kind-hearted Ashley Copeland, nine, decided to do a sponsored litter pick and tidy-up of Harold Park, Low Moor, during the summer break in a bid to raise money for a charity which works to help homeless people.

Now winter is approaching, the Woodside Academy pupil, who lives in Wibsey, has his sights set on a ‘knit a scarf’ campaign.

He hopes to encourage his friends to learn to knit with their parents or grandparents, to bring the generations together while helping those less fortunate.

He’s already got three pals on board, as well as some teachers at his school, and wants even more people to get involved to make a difference.

His mum Michelle Copeland, 41, said: “It started when I knitted him a scarf for winter - from there he just said ‘can we knit some scarves for the homeless?’”

Ashley got his friends, including Roberts Strazdins to join in and the idea soon started to snowball.

“I’m really proud of him,” Mrs Copeland said. “It’s not often these days that you get young people really noticing people are homeless.

She added: “Roberts is following in his footsteps. They are both fantastic and we are all very proud of them both.”

And while Ashley isn’t able to help out at homeless shelters until he is 16, Mrs Copeland said he will continue to help in his “own little way.”

“He sees homeless people on the streets and he does get really upset by thinking they don’t have anywhere to live,” she said.

“He wears a scarf and then he sees them with no warm clothing - it’s his little way of saying ‘we are thinking of you’.

“He always says everybody should have a home and everybody should have food.”

Mrs Copeland said Ashley picks up his knitting needles when he gets home from school and does a little bit each night.

It’s hoped the scarves will be completed before Christmas, so the woollen goodies can be out and helping those in need as temperatures drop.

As well as knitting, Ashley has continued to litter pick in Harold Park in a bid to keep the space looking spick and span.

When he was collecting sponsorship back in the summer, he managed to raise a fantastic £370 for the Bradford Curry Project, which brings together all faiths to help those in need.

It serves a two or three-course meal once a week on a Saturday.

Organisers were left bowled over by Ashley’s efforts and said the thoughtful youngster was setting a great example for others to follow, in a time where the need for services like the curry project is on the increase. If you have been inspired by Ashley’s efforts and would like to join the campaign and knit a scarf, there is a simple way to get in touch.

Mrs Copeland has set up a special email - knitforhomeless@gmail.com - where arrangements can be made for collection, depending on location, or drop off points.