CARS speeding along Oxenhope's recently re-opened Station Road have provoked fears of a potentially serious crash.

Parish councillors in Oxenhope raised the issue during an update by a newly appointed Police Community Support Officer for the Worth Valley.

Cllr Penny Cusdin asked PCSO Mike Anderson if speed checks could be conducted along the road.

She said: "Speeding on this road is a constant problem. It isn't a very wide road, and the pavements aren't that wide either."

Oxenhope Parish Council chairman, Cllr Ken Eastwood, said: "You've also got the Co-op store and cars parked on both sides of the road. At some point there's going to be a serious accident."

Cllr Tony Maw said there used to be quite a few speed watches conducted in Station Road, but added this was no longer the case.

PCSO Anderson said he could look into having a speed watch operation carried out, but also noted: "The problem with speed watches is that people are only going to not speed while we're stood there.

"Speeding is a hard one to deal with. A lot of people do it and we can't be there 24/7."