TWO Bradford pubs were the target of yobs in mindless acts of vandalism on Bonfire Night.

Groups of youths threw stones and fired rockets at the Red Lion, in Thornton Road, before moving further down the street to vandalise The Round Thorn pub.

The Red Lion had nine panes of glass in three large sash windows at the front of the pub smashed.

A spokeswoman for the pub said about 30 or 40 youths attacked the pub twice at 6.30pm and after 7pm on Sunday night by firing firework rockets and throwing stones and bricks.

They said a similar attack had occurred last year and this year they had been troubled with groups throwing fireworks into the pub while customers were in.

"We ended up having to keep the door closed for the past fortnight. The police have been up regularly, calling in three times in one day last week to check on things," she added.

"It is a listed building and any sort of repairs cost a lot of money.

"The inside panes have been replaced with Perspex so they don't smash, but the outside are glass and it costs a lot to replace them."

The landlord of The Round Thorn, Andrew Thornton, said his pub is targeted each Bonfire Night.

"I've been here 13 years and it happens every year.

"For the last two years, a week before Bonfire Night I've boarded up the bottom windows where there are transfers showing the pub's name.

"It doesn't make the pub look very nice but the glass costs around £160 each to replace.

"On Sunday night I was standing on the front door step having a cigarette with my nephew when five youths came past.

"They looked at me and said: "What are you looking at, sausage head?"

"I answered I wasn't looking at anything and then they became threatening and came towards us.

"I closed and bolted the door and they started banging on it and making a racket.

"Next thing they started throwing stones and missiles at the windows. They didn't damage the main ones but got a few of the smaller panes and two more upstairs and left after a few minutes. I would say the repairs will cost around £500.

"It was a scary experience for my customers. I have a duty to protect them when they are in here and it was very upsetting for them.

"I'm glad I didn't retaliate because I found out there was a gang of around 30 of them just round the corner.

"Last year I approached them and got beaten up.

"I have no idea why they do this on Bonfire Night but it happens each year and they don't seem to vandalise any of the nearby shops, just the pub.

"The police have been and taken statements and the windows will be repaired this week."

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said they had reports of gangs of youths, believed to be Asian males, throwing missiles and damaging the pubs.

He confirmed police were called at 7:08pm on November 5 to reports of disorder and damage at a premises in Thornton Road, Bradford, where a number of windows were smashed and that police also responded to a call at around 7:21pm when a further premises nearby was targeted and a number of windows also smashed.

He said: "A group of youths wearing hoodies were seen in the local area throwing missiles in the street and we would like to speak to anyone with information about those responsible.

“It is lucky that no-body was hurt by the actions of these reckless individuals and we will not accept this type of behaviour on our streets.

“Some of those inside the premises were left understandably shaken by the experience and there is clearly a cost attached to repairing such damage.

“Officers are reviewing CCTV and inquiries remain ongoing to trace those involved.

“I would urge anyone who has information or who may have witnessed these incidents to get in touch via the non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.”