A MAN framed an alleged love rival for shooting him because he was “too scared” to identify the real gunman, a court heard.

Jordan Barrett, 22, denies attempting to murder Tyrone Khan in Parkway, West Bowling, Bradford, on May 20.

A jury at Bradford Crown Court has heard that Barrett shot Mr Khan after accusing him of having sex with his girlfriend, but Barrett's barrister, Abdul Iqbal QC, said that the incident might have been the result of a long-running “feud” with a gang.

Barrett denies the attempted murder of Mr Khan, an alternative offence of wounding with intent to do him grievous bodily harm, and the possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life.

He also denies charges of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm against Mr Khan’s mother, Lesley Ann Howarth, and his stepfather, Mohammed Hassan.

Giving evidence yesterday, Mr Khan said he had called two friends to be at his house when he returned at about 1am on May 20 as he had been speaking to Barrett that day and was “expecting a bit of violence”.

Mr Khan said Barrett had phoned him and he walked towards him in Parkway.

Asked what was said between them, Mr Khan said Barrett shouted “you’ve been with my girlfriend” and then pulled out a shotgun.

Barrett is accused of firing at Mr Khan causing injuries to his shoulder, arm, and buttocks.

After Mr Khan got into his house, Barrett is alleged to have fired point-blank at the front door and living room window.

Mr Iqbal asked Mr Khan about two incidents involving a group of people described to the jury as “the Leeds Road lot”.

He said that in one incident Mr Khan had been “jumped” and beaten up in a nightclub by the gang.

Asked if he hadn’t reported the attack to police as he was “too scared” of the group, Mr Khan said: “No, it just wasn’t as serious as this.”

Mr Iqbal cited another incident in which Mr Khan’s brother had been attacked with a machete in the Holme Wood area of Bradford in October last year.

Mr Khan said he was not there and when Mr Iqbal asked: “Was that incident anything to do with the Leeds Road lot?”, he replied: “No, not at all.”

After being taken to hospital for treatment to his injuries, Mr Iqbal said that Mr Khan had spoken to police but had not immediately identified Barrett, of Pemberton Drive, Bradford, as the gunman.

Mr Khan said he had not said anything until he had found out his mother had been injured in the shooting, but Mr Iqbal said: “You were simply too scared to point the finger at the Leeds Road lot.

"You were buying time, he’s (Barrett) an easier target for you than pinpointing who did it isn’t he?

“Jordan Barrett was not the gunman at all. Whoever it was, you are simply too scared to identify them.”

When asked if he had falsely implicated Barrett, Mr Khan said: “No, not at all, I knew it was Jordan. I went forward because I knew what he had done was wrong.”

The jury heard that on May 26, Barrett was identified as the gunman by Ms Howarth, who said she had witnessed the confrontation before seeing her son flee inside.

She told the court: “I knew trouble was coming to the house. Jordan was walking up the street, and Ty was walking down. I was scared for my life when I saw the man pull a gun. I was terrified.”

Ms Howarth said she had given Barrett’s name to police during a 999 call while the attack on her house continued, stating: “My son knew who it was. I asked him for a name and repeated it to police.”


Mr Iqbal put it to Ms Howarth that she had been shown pictures of Barrett on Facebook prior to the video identification procedure, but in response she said: “I hadn’t been shown anything.”

The trial continues.