GOOD NEIGHBOUR: Celebrating those residents who step forward when they find their neighbours are facing difficulties or just maybe need some odd jobs tackling.

BEING reliable and willing to help are the reasons Lynn and Peter Wardman have been shortlisted for a Good Neighbour award.

They help shovel snow from elderly neighbours’ drives in winter despite having multiple health problems themselves and look after houses while people are away.

On top of this they put people’s bins out who are not strong enough to do their own and help out with DIY repairs, accompany people to hospital who have no family close by and give lifts and connect them to support on a daily basis.

They always put others before themselves. Despite Mr Wardman having multiple health issues and reduced mobility, he always puts the elderly neighbours and their safety and needs first. Never saying no, and always finding a way to make a positive difference to those around them. Neither of them shout about what they do and would just think it normal.

As well as being fantastic neighbours day-to-day they are reliable, safe and trustworthy people of compassion who neighbours call on in a crisis.

Mrs Wardman has also run the local Brownie group and looked after the community hall for many years.

A recent example has been the people a neighbour called on when his wife collapsed for support and practical help.

They have helped in fixing phone lines and making calls to professionals to sort out issues for an elderly lady on her own who didn’t know who to turn to.

They are also the first response to an elderly neighbour who has had multiple falls and they have given first aid and stayed with her while in hospital.

FOR the past four years Abdul Ghaffer has helped out his neighbours around Glynn Terrace in Manningham.

As well as putting the bins out for those who struggle to manage, Mr Ghaffer regularly does litter collections and moves fly-tipped rubbish to the end of the road and contacts the Council to organise removal.

His nominator said: “Abdul is a credit to Manningham. He tidies the whole area around Glynn Terrace and will help anyone. I am very old and he helps me out with anything from putting a light bulb in to unscrewing a jar. I only have to call him.

“Nothing is too much trouble and he is fine example of what a good neighbour does.

“He does not complain and says he wants to encourage others to take a pride in their area.

“I would really struggle if he was not here.”

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