A SHISHA lounge and nightclub which opened without planning consent has been ordered to shut down.

Phantom Lounge, which describes itself as “the best shisha experience in Yorkshire” on its website, is understood to have been operating from a building behind the Campus House student accommodation block in Hey Street, Listerhills, Bradford, since summer 2016.

But Bradford Council has now ordered it to close, citing a breach of planning rules.

Officers say its owners never obtained planning permission for the change of use of the building to a night club and shisha lounge.

The Council claims noise from the shisha lounge is disturbing people living in nearby homes, “particularly late at night and into the early hours of the morning”.

In a report which will go before Bradford Area Planning Panel on Wednesday, officers say: “The Council received a complaint regarding the material change of use of the building to a night club and shisha lounge for which planning permission is required and has not been obtained.

“Despite requests, the owner/occupier of the property has taken no action to rectify the breach of planning control.”

Now planning enforcement bosses have written to the owners, demanding that they shut down the business and remove from the land “all materials and equipment” associated with this use.

Representatives of Phantom Lounge could not be contacted for comment today and the premises was closed with the shutters down when the Telegraph & Argus paid a visit.

The building previously hosted a cafe called Hookahs, which itself had faced run-ins with the authorities over allegations it was operating as a shisha lounge illegally.

In 2014, Bradford Council’s environmental health officers accused Hookahs staff of allowing customers to smoke shisha pipes inside, despite the smoking ban.

But its then-managers disputed this, saying customers were only smoking shisha pens, an electronic alternative to a shisha pipe which is similar to an e-cigarette.

Shisha is the smoking of flavoured tobacco through a hookah, or waterpipe. Some experts say a single shisha session is equivalent to smoking 100 to 200 cigarettes.

Shisha is covered by the smoking ban but some premises get around the regulations by creating large openings in their walls or roofs.