PUBLIC toilets in Baildon may be transferred to the control of the town’s council.

Baildon Town Council’s (BTC) economy committee has recommended the transfer of the toilets on Northgate in a report to go before a meeting of the full town council.

The final decision on Baildon’s ownership proposal will be made at BTC’s meeting on Monday, October 9.

In April 2018, Bradford Council will withdraw all budget provision for the Baildon public toilets and has started discussions with BTC about a possible community asset transfer.

Seven conveniences would close under Bradford Council’s latest cost-cutting proposals, now out for public consultation, under cuts announced in December last year.

They are in Saltaire, Bingley, Baildon, both Brook Street and Riverside in Ilkley, and Central Park and by the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth.

The cost of running all seven sites amounts to £144,600 a year. Only the toilets in Bradford’s City Park would remain open.

If a decision is made to seek a transfer of the toilets from Bradford Council to BTC, the additional expenditure will need to be included in the budget process for the 2018/19 financial year for BTC later this year.

The Baildon site features men’s, women’s and disabled toilets and is open seven days a week.

An additional, £2,000 may also be funded by the Town Council to pay for improvements including signage and possible baby changing facilities.

BTC has already received some representations about the importance of keeping the toilets open.

Research has been undertaken over the summer to assess possible alternative facilities. The annual cost of running Baildon public toilets would be an estimated £7,000.

BTC’s economy committee considered a report in July about this potential transfer but decided at that time to seek further information before making a recommendation to the full Town Council on the way forward. A public consultation was also launched at the same time.

The town council conducted a footfall survey on the toilets between July 31 and September 17 this year and found that it remained a well-used facility.

Gill Dixon, chairman of BTC’s economy committee, said: “It’s important that we keep the toilets open.

“People who use Baildon for walking see the toilets as important in the town. We have done a lot of research and on the footfall figures and the conclusion is that they are well-used and there is no real alternative in Baildon.”

The toilets would continue to be opened and closed by Baildon Taxis, also on Northgate, under the plans.

People can still have their say on the toilet plans for the town before the meeting on October 9. Email