PUPILS at a Bradford primary school were given a role model to really look up to when the UK’s tallest man came to visit.

At 7 foot 7 inches, Paul Sturgess is also the world’s tallest professional basketball player, and yesterday he spent the morning at St Stephen’s Primary school.

He started the day by giving an inspirational assembly about the importance of healthy eating and keeping active, before teaching some skills to the pint sized point guards in the school gym.

Most of the children were only waist height to him.

Mr Sturgess, 29 and from Leicestershire, wears size 18 shoes and has played for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. He regularly visits schools to offer “wow” events. Yesterday’s visit to Bradford was the furthest North he has been.

During the basketball sessions he helped children spin the ball on their fingers as well as teaching them how to dribble and pass the ball.

He told the Telegraph & Argus: “We go up and down the country to visit schools. I did it in my spare time between seasons at first, but now we do it full time. They’ve proven to be really popular.

“I love it, it is great when you walk into the assemblies and you see their faces light up.

“We give them a really positive message, and everyone has fun.”

Mark Waters, who tours around schools with Mr Sturgess, said: “We try and inspire children with healthy messages. Health, fitness and healthy eating are the key messages.”

The pupils were impressed with Mr Sturgess’ imposing stature, with Danielle Obulawa saying: “He must be half as tall as a giraffe.”

Isabelle Conroy added: “I asked him how he manages to sleep in a bed. He said his bed is really big.”