A BESPOKE jewellery business has undergone a £30,000 revamp and reopens this month.

The transformation at Bingley-based Iain Henderson Designs has seen the creation of a new-look studio, office and workshop space.

The company, which hand-makes unique jewellery, has grown rapidly since it was set up in 1996 and needed extra space as well as a more customer-friendly layout.

At Iain Henderson Designs customers are able to get involved with the design and choose the gems, metals and any other materials for their personally-tailored piece.

The purpose-built studio is behind owner Iain Henderson’s house in Ghyll Wood Drive, Bingley, and originally housed the public area and the workshop on one floor above the office and a single garage.

The refurbishment has seen the ground floor converted into a new studio and shop, while the first floor now houses the office and workshop enabling the company to set up a new ring-cleaning and polishing service.

The new layout creates a better space for jeweller Karl Northeast to craft rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even set the stones while the customer looks on.

The company also reworks old items of jewellery into something new.

Mr Henderson said: “The studio evolved over time and our business has grown really quickly, beyond our expectations.

“We’d become so busy, especially on a Saturday, that it could get very noisy when work was going on – which was not ideal for new customers trying to talk to us about their ideas.

“On the other hand we still wanted people to be able to watch the work progressing, so it was important to keep everything together under one roof. This new layout gives us the best of both worlds.”

A focal point in the newly-transformed space is a specially-designed display table in the ground floor foyer, which features multi-coloured lighting which can be switched to different colours and hues to show off the jewellery to maximum effect.

The refurbishment has made room for an expanded sample collection, including more than 400 engagement rings and wedding rings.

The expansion has also enabled the company to upgrade one part-time position into a full time job and they now intend to take on an apprentice as well.

A number of local firms have also been used in the redevelopment.

Manager Nicky Chadwick added: “One thing that has been really nice, is that several of the contractors were customers of ours who first came in to have wedding rings or engagement rings made.

"While we were chatting with them, we found out what they do and, having built up a relationship, we then invited them to work with us on this exciting project."

Visits are by arrangement only and appointments are now being taken again.

For further information about Iain Henderson Designs visit iainhenderson.co.uk.