DECISIONS to reject petitions from residents for permit parking on two residential streets would be “difficult” ones to make, a councillor has revealed.

Residents of Gladstone Street, Bradford Moor, and Rowan Avenue, Thornbury, submitted petitions to Bradford Council for parking on their streets to be made for permit-holders only.

In their request, Gladstone Street residents said people from nearby streets, along with visitors to three nearby shops and a mosque, used their road for parking.

In Rowan Avenue, residents said many parents used their street as a pick-up and drop-off point for the nearby Thornbury Academy, blocking drives and making it difficult to get out of the cul-de-sac.

Both petitions are set to be considered at a meeting of the Bradford East Area Committee on Thursday, but are both recommended for refusal.

Councillor Riaz Ahmed (Lib Dem, Bradford Moor) said to follow the recommendations would be a “difficult” decision.

He said: “They were both difficult decisions. For Rowan Avenue there is a problem that comes about because of parents parking there.

“We need to do some work around the school, possibly somewhere parents can turn around. When the school was built this wasn’t considered.

“In Gladstone Street, parking again is the problem, and it is created by grass verges.

“Removing the verges would alleviate the problem but in this economic climate it is not possible.”

Cllr Ahmed said the Council had looked at removing the verges before, and some work had been carried out to remove them at the southern end of Gladstone Street, which had helped to reduce parking problems.

He also said he had spoken to residents in Rowan Avenue about the recommendation, and they felt “annoyed”.

A total of 43 residents from Gladstone Street and 22 in Rowan Avenue signed the petitions.

The report to the committee says no action should be taken with regards to permit parking, but does recommend police and Council wardens – including CCTV vehicles – increase patrols in Rowan Avenue, and residents should be encouraged to report drive-blocking to the Council.

It adds officers should offer a school road safety assembly to Thornbury Academy.