A volunteer group has been formed to look after Bingley and Crossflatts railway stations.

The group, which has a working name of Friends of Bingley and Crossflatts Train Stations, was created from Bingley Town Council’s Green and Clean forum, for residents interested in plants and green spaces.

A group of 12 residents attended an initial meeting in July and are starting to draw up a plan for activity at both stations. The programme will involve some planting and tidying, but other ideas already mooted include vegetable or herb gardens, art and music projects, information boards and the involvement of schools and businesses.

The group has been set up under Northern Rail’s formal Station Adoption scheme.

Derrick Hodgson, chairman of the new group, said: “Our stations are a vital part of our community and Bingley station in particular is a prominent building in the town.

“We think they could do with some additional care and attention to make them more attractive and welcoming.

“Group members will shortly be visiting other adopted stations in the network to learn from the suggestions and experiences of other groups, and we are looking forward to putting our ideas into practice.”

A grant has already been awarded for some planters at both stations, and it is hoped that a tidy-up session will take place next month. The group is also looking for a new name, with all suggestions welcome from residents, and one front runner is Action Stations.

Councillor Ros Dawson, Bingley Town Council chairman, said: “This is an excellent example of a spin-off project arising from one of Bingley Town Council’s initiatives. The Town Council is always looking for ways to generate activity that will benefit our communities and offer opportunities to local people to help make Bingley the place they want it to be.”

The Bingley version is similar to the Friends of Baildon Station (FOBS) group, which successfully lobbied Northern for a number of improvements to the site.

Northern announced several enhancements to the station in Baildon as part of its Better Stations scheme.

These include a new waiting shelter, new seating, new building, help point, upgraded CCTV, ticket vending machine and improved signage.

FOBS had called for these improvements, especially the installation of a ticket machine, after producing a public survey.

To join the volunteers’ group, or for more information, call Mr Hodgson on 07745 016143, or email him at derrick.hodgson@btinternet.com or call Cllr Edwina Simpson, of Bingley Town Council, on 07932 191558, or email edwina.simpson@bingleytowncouncil.gov.uk.