BRADFORD Council's leader has called for an urgent meeting with Government ministers to help break the “deadlock” over Yorkshire devolution so a deal is in place by next year.

Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, who is also the chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, said Yorkshire was being left behind by people making decisions “hundreds of miles away in Westminster”.

Her call has been echoed by business groups, which say devolution is key to the future of the long-promised Northern Powerhouse.

Under the plan, dubbed 'One Yorkshire' and backed by 17 Yorkshire councils including Bradford, a single mayor would be elected.

Cllr Hinchcliffe said: “Boosting businesses and improving the lives of the most disadvantaged in our communities through real, inclusive growth can only be done with decisions made locally through devolution rather than by officials hundreds of miles away in Westminster.

“That’s why in Yorkshire we’ve come together to fight the devolution deadlock.

“We are now seeking an urgent meeting with ministers to discuss how best we can work as partners to progress this deal and ensure Yorkshire is no longer allowed to be left behind.

“We want devolution by 2018 and we are confident that given the right deal and the right funding, Yorkshire can finally complete the missing piece in the Northern Powerhouse project.”

The call for action follows criticism levelled at the Government about what it is doing about the “devolution deadlock” across the country.

The One Yorkshire coalition includes all but three of Yorkshire’s local authorities. Leaders in Sheffield and Rotherham still favour a deal which has been struck for the Sheffield City Region, while leaders in Wakefield are understood to prefer a mayor overseeing the Leeds City Region.

Cllr Hinchcliffe said: “As the leader of the UK’s youngest city, I know there is a huge amount of opportunity in our district and our region.

“Securing a meaningful devolution deal with Government remains a top priority. I want a deal that benefits Bradford as a key player in the city region, Yorkshire, the Northern Powerhouse, and nationally, and ensures we are in pole position to make the most of those opportunities.

“Bradford is a big and confident part of the city region – at its heart and forming its key economic axis alongside Leeds.”

Nick Garthwaite, president of Bradford Chamber of Commerce, said: “We support the call for a ministerial meeting as a matter of urgency, and we agree that devolution will help drive growth and the Northern Powerhouse project.

“In support of the push to break the deadlock, we are also just about to survey businesses for their views on what type of deal they would like, including what geographical area to cover. A deal is long overdue.”

Councillor Simon Cooke, who sits on the combined authority and is leader of the Conservatives on Bradford Council, said: “I broadly support this coalition of the willing as they call it.

"If people are willing to take this on than I think it should happen. For us the focus should be on getting the best deal for Bradford, and if going with this One Yorkshire system is the best for Bradford than that’s what I’ll support.”

Cllr Cooke said any devolved body should also be fully representative of political parties.

He also pointed out that two years ago many local councils, included Bradford turned down a devolution proposal, called Greater Yorkshire, which covered West, East and North Yorkshire.

A Department of Communities and Local Government spokesman said: “This Government is 100 per cent committed to devolving powers to local areas where there is strong local support for plans to deliver better local services, greater value for money and clear accountability.

“Next year people in Sheffield City Region will elect a powerful new Mayor, with about £1 billion of new government investment and a range of new powers.

“Further devolution in Yorkshire should follow on from the Sheffield City Region deal and we’ll continue to work with local leaders, the business community and local residents to make this happen.”