POLICE have made an arrest after an Audi has crashed through a garden wall in a suspected police chase in the district.

A resident who did not want to be named said they heard the crash in Mill Lane, Birkenshaw, this afternoon and went along to see if they could help.

"I only live about 100 yards away and it was really loud. I went to see if I could help and almost immediately I heard sirens and loads of police cars arrived as it they had been chasing the car.

"Someone who had seen the crash said they saw a young lad get out and run off through the houses. The police went around looking for him."

The resident said it looked as though the Audi had been travelling from the direction of Birkenshaw roundabout and was heading in the direction of Tong Street.

"It must have been going at quite a speed to crash through the wall. It hit it head on."

A spokseman for West Yorkshire Police said: 

"The Audi was involved in a failure to stop at 3.09pm. At 3.10pm the car was involved in a single vehicle collision at the junction of Mill Lane, Birkensahw.

"One person has been arrested."