A DRUG-FUELLED psychotic who terrorised motorists by aggressively brandishing knives and a meat cleaver while shouting abuse has been spared an immediate prison sentence.

Iftikar Malik waved the weapons in Lilycroft Road, Bradford, at 10am on April 12 while suffering from mental illness brought on by years of cannabis use, a court heard.

Malik, 46, of Duckworth Lane, Bradford, then went on to brandish a screwdriver and a stick in a street on May 3 and perch on a roof ledge, threatening to jump, a week later.

Prosecutor Carmel Pearson said a crowd gathered to watch Malik on the roof and a police negotiator had to talk him down. He was fined £150 by magistrates for the May public order offences.

Malik pleaded guilty at Bradford Crown Court today to three offences of possession of a bladed article in Lilycroft Road, a public order offence, and possession of an iron bar and cannabis when he was arrested in Bishop Street.

The court heard he had 16 convictions for 33 offences but had not been in trouble in the past 20 years.

Miss Pearson said the police received up to 15 calls from members of the public about a man with weapons being abusive and aggressive on April 12.

Malik was reported by one terrified woman driver to be holding a large kitchen knife in his right hand and a smaller knife and a meat cleaver in his left hand.

He approached several motorists while people tried to calm him down.

He was arrested later that morning, with a metal bar up his sleeve and some cannabis on him.

Malik’s barrister, Rodney Ferm, said his client was seriously unwell at the time. A psychiatric report found that he was in the grip of mental illness.

He had put the bladed weapons aside before the police came for him and he gave the officers no trouble.

Mr Ferm said Malik was now much improved mentally but had since suffered leg fractures that meant he was in a wheelchair and needed surgical footwear. He would find a prison sentence very difficult.

Recorder Sophie Drake sentenced Malik to nine months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with a condition that he attends a 30 day rehabilitation activity requirement with the probation service.

Recorder Drake said he had frightened members of the public with menacing weapons while suffering from a severe psychological disorder brought on by his cannabis use.

Malik needed treatment, including anti-psychotic medicine, that he would not receive serving the short prison sentence that she could impose.