This is the heart-stopping moment a helmetless motorcyclist pulled a wheelie while overtaking traffic - with a passenger on the back of his bike.

Police have condemned the stunt as "putting random innocent motorists at risk".

The dramatic footage, captured on dashboard camera yesterday lunchtime, shows two trials-style motorcycles, designed for off-road use, being ridden along Bradford Road in Five Lane Ends.

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Neither rider is wearing a helmet and both are pulling wheelies as they travel along the road. The first bike is seen with only its rear wheel on the tarmac overtaking a grey Volkswagen while a pillion passenger clings to the waist of the rider.

Sergeant Cameron Buchan, the man responsible for leading Operation Steerside, the West Yorkshire Police crackdown on road safety across the district, said the bikers were showing a “blatant ignorance of the potential dangers” they were putting themselves and other road users in.

“There is a complete disregard for their safety, especially the pillion passenger,” he said.

“Their actions are putting random innocent motorists at risk. It could have led to an incredibly tragic situation. These people are risking their lives for a moment’s thrill without any forethought.

“Bradford has an anti-social bike team, separate from Operation Steerside, which is dedicated to tackling this kind of incident.”

Just last week that team, nicknamed the "quad squad", issued a new warning to riders of off-road motorcycles and quad bikes.

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PC David Hitchcocks, of the Bradford District ASB Bike Team, said: “Any owners of motorcycles, quads or off road vehicles need to act responsibly and use their vehicle in a sensible manner at a legal location."

He added: "I would encourage the public to report any illegal vehicular activity, pass on names/addresses of those responsible to the police and also let us know about storage locations for these vehicles.


“Pictures and footage can also be sent to the police of any activity you witness.”

Mike Bristow of Brake, the road safety charity, said of the incident: “Quite clearly, these bikers have no regard for their own, or others safety.

“Cases like this demonstrate the need for more investment in traffic policing so we can have more officers out on the roads enforcing the law.”

We have passed on the footage, taken by our photographer Mike Simmonds while travelling to a job, to police.